More strength means more muscle. When you lift heavier weights, your body becomes strong, and your muscles grow bigger. Once your muscles size increases they can easily lift much heavier weights. For that reason, strength is size. So one of the best muscle workout tips-if you want to gain muscle mass naturally, lift heavy weights.

Many try to build muscle with high rep isolation workouts until pumped and sore. But this may not work because it’s not possible to lift heavy enough to successfully trigger good muscle growth. Only already strong lifters successfully build muscle with isolation workouts such as flies and curls.

Natural lifters will get better results with compound exercises as they help build muscles. You need mostly Bench, Squat, OHPress, Deadlift, and Row. And you need to lift heavy. Do this consistently and you will gain up to 40lb of muscle without using any training or supplements more than three times in a week. One of the best muscle workout tips, this may even work for skinny hard gainers.

How to Successfully Build Your Muscle?

The most common mistake which many make is training like a professional bodybuilder. Many bodybuilders use drugs and fail to build the bulk of their muscle size with the help of their routine. Therefore, bodybuilding routines won’t work for most people. So what can actually work for them?

Add some weight-Forget about soreness. Just focus on adding some weight on the bar. Your goal should be to lift more than the last time. If you won’t lift more than yesterday, you won’t be able to build muscle.

Get Stronger-The strongest bodybuilders were really strong. Increase squat to 130/300lb, Deadlift to 175kg/400lb and Bench Press to 95kg/210lb. Your overall muscle mass should increase because of strength in size.

Do Compounds-You must do exercises that work on multiple muscles at the same time. You may be able to lift heavier weights that will trigger better muscle growth. The bulk of your routine should include Bench, heavy squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, and barbell rows.
Use Barbells-One of the best muscle workout tips that may work is to lift heavier weights using barbells than other tools. It’s important to balance the weight yourself. Use free weights that are not attached to any machine. Always start light and use the best form to avoid any injury.

Muscle Supplements

It is advisable to also use anabolic muscle supplements to complement your workout. This will create much more successful gains in your muscle building. Try legal steroids as they do not have any side effects.


Increase Frequency-The more you can train your muscle, the more you can trigger it to grow. The more you do an exercise, the faster your technique improves, and the heavier you can lift. Start squatting, pulling and pressing three times a week instead of just once.

Recover-It’s important for your muscles to recover from workouts to grow bigger and stronger. They won’t be able to recover if you work them hard day after day. Even your mind needs a break. Take 2-3 days of rest in a week. Help your muscles recover by getting lots of water, food, and sleep.

Eat More-Your body uses energy to fuel strenuous workouts, and then recover muscles. Muscles won’t be able to recover and grow if there is a shortage of food. Most guys would need at least 3500kcal a day to build good muscle. Skinny people with high metabolism need even more energy to gain some weight.

The heavier is the weight which you lift, the bigger would be the stress on your body, and the bigger the resultant stimulus to grow bigger and stronger muscles. You lift big, you get bigger. You lift much bigger weights with compounds than simple isolation exercises. Therefore, compound exercise guarantees better results when it comes to gaining muscle mass.

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